If you are searching for teen facial Denver, you understand the importance of quality skin care specifically designed for teens’ concerns.  Ethereal Day Spa recognizes the importance of early skincare for your teen and our trusted professionals are here to serve your facial needs. 

Beauty is more than skin deep

Clean skin helps to reflect the true beauty that is inside you. Your face is the first impression you make.  Ethereal Day Spa, a premiere teen facial Denver spa, has specific treatments for teens’ skin that will address their needs. We begin each session with a thorough examination of the skin.  We think it is important to include education with treatment so our teen clients are taught a home regimen to continue the positive results.  

Confidence is beautiful

Not only does Ethereal Day Spa improve skin, but we also help build confidence that your teen is putting the best face forward.  For a more intense treatment, we offer a package of 4 acne treatments to soothe any inflamed or irritated skin and to start anyone on the road to healthy skin. We use only use the best, specialized products to help treat and heal acne.

Treatment from head to toes

Don’t forget to add that special something with a manicure and pedicure to top off your trip. We offer high-quality nail treatments with specialized professionals to keep you glowing top to bottom. Check out all our treatment options from hair care, massages, eyelash extensions, and waxings. Join your teen and make it a day of relaxation and rejuvenation for both of you.

What our clients say

Emily gave us 5 stars, saying “I absolutely love coming into Ethereal! It’s such a quaint and relaxing environment. Every treatment or massage I have had has exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend coming in for a little relaxation! All the staff makes you feel very welcome and comfortable!”

Contact us today at (720) 200-4255 for an appointment. We are located in Greenwood Village near Denver. 

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