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Looking to purchase a type of spa package Denver residents don’t often experience? Ethereal Day Spa will tempt you with its Russian Banya Therapy to pamper you from head to toe and leave you feeling refreshed. So do a Google search for ‘spa packages near me Denver CO.’ You will find our spa and these traditional and cultural body treatments. Book your package online today.

Aren’t All Saunas the Same?

What you may know of saunas goes only as far as the gym you frequent. You enter a small room, steam erupts from heated rocks or is piped in with hot temperatures. But steam baths go back centuries with different variations in several countries.  At Ethereal Day Spa, where we employ three Russian-born massage therapists, we offer the Russian Banya package.

If you’re wondering what a Russian Banya is, you’re in for a treat. It is a combination of sauna, bath, and massage. Banyas are a long-held tradition in Russian culture. Families gathered in them for regular cleansing and healing, women gave birth in them, and families took their people in them to die. According to BBC Travel, “These bathhouses have been a place to connect and to heal — and are even considered sacred by many Russians.” This wet-steam sauna has been passed through the ages to Russians as a tradition of wellness.

At Ethereal Day Spa, our luxury Russian Banya spa package, includes a 90-minute massage, a body wrap, the use of traditional birch tree leaves, and a shower. This package is typically three hours long, which allows time for our guests to truly relax and experience centuries of the Russian tradition of healing and relaxation. And when you package this relaxing treatment with a manicure and a pedicure, you’re in the lap of luxury for six hours. Just Google spa packages near me Denver CO.

When You Google ‘Spa Packages Near Me Denver CO

Listen to what our satisfied customers say:

“I had such a wonderful day today at Ethereal. … We all got the Banya and facials and had an amazing, relaxing, wonderful day. … The staff was kind and friendly, the location was cozy and warm, and we were constantly being offered water, tea, a blanket, etc. I highly recommend having an experience here.” – Lisa Coray.

“I have been going to ethereal for years and I wish I had started sooner. … My husband and I have had the banya treatment, we’ve had countless other massages and everything has been wonderful. … Their products are always fresh, never expired and they are very helpful in choosing new products to try.” – Susan Bennett

“From the time you first walk in you become part of the family. I have never met a more welcoming group of people that care about your every need. They truly go above and beyond to make sure you get more attention than you would ever expect. My wife and I have had multiple services here and I can say without a doubt, you won’t find a better spa in Colorado! Thanks for going above and beyond! I will never go anywhere else! “– Tyler Ready

 Ethereal Day Spa is conveniently located off of Orchard Road and Quebec Street in Greenwood Village. Here, we pamper our guests with day spa packages from two to six hours, each including either a one-hour massage or a luxury Russian Banya, a facial, and a separate manicure or pedicure or a combination of the two. We offer services that are above and beyond, with your comfort and ease in mind. Scroll through our long list of day spa pampering services.

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