Mother’s Day Spa Packages

Mother’s Day Spa Packages - Spa Gift Cards for Mother's Day

Nothing says, “Thank you,” to a mom like a day of relaxation and pampering. Ethereal Day Spa and Hair Studio’s Mother’s Day Spa Package is sure to make Mom feel as appreciated as she is.

Giving the gift of a spa package at Ethereal Day Spa is about so much more than pampering and relaxing, though. Our hands will caress and nurture your mom’s cares away, much like she kissed your owies or held you following a bad dream as a child. Our therapeutic nurturing will free her body of toxins and offer relief from sore, achy muscles she earned while pushing strollers, picking up toys and cooking countless meals. A massage will enhance her nervous system, preserving balance and relieve stress to help her in her plight to comfort crying babies, patiently deal with rebellious teenagers and strategically navigate busy grocery stores in the search for a dinner that will please everyone.

She will surely understand just how much you love her while spending six hours in heavenly bliss. Our Ethereal Escape package will pamper her from head to toe with our signature treatment: Russian Banya Body Therapy combines massage, heat, birch or oak leaves and honey therapeutically applied to the body. She’ll also enjoy our Extended Youth Elixir facial, Shellac manicure and pedicure, and a tasty lunch.

Consider spoiling your mom – or the mother of your children – with Natural Radiance: a 5-hour package consisting of a 1-hour massage, Sea Glow Scrub, Classic facial, Shellac manicure and pedicure, and lunch. If she has only a half of a day for herself, the Blissful Touch package will help her relax for 4 hours with a Russian Banya Classic massage, Ethereal Classic Facial, and classic manicure and pedicure.

The busiest of moms may have only a couple of hours to spare for herself. Help her make the best use of her time with our Simply Sunshine package: a 1-hour massage, Ethereal Classic Facial and a Classic pedicure (3 hours). Or she might prefer the Heavenly Flee package: 2 hours of bliss including a 1-hour massage with self-heating mud spinal pack, a Knock ‘em Dead Facial and a Classic manicure.

Mother’s Day Spa Packages

Whatever your budget or the lady’s pleasure, our Ethereal Day Spa Mother’s Day Spa Packages are sure to warm her heart and refresh her spirit. For all she’s given and given up for you and your family, renew her energy, commitment and confidence with a gift she’ll treasure forever.

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