Massage Packages Near Me Denver

Massage Packages Near Me Denver

You’re searching for “Massage Packages Near Me Denver” because you know you need some rest, relaxation, and pampering in your life. We are so happy that you’ve found us because we would love for you to come and spend a day with us! Every once in a while, each of us has to make the “executive” decision that we deserve something above and beyond, something extraordinary, something that is just for “me”. That is exactly what we offer at Ethereal Day Spa and what our massage packages are all about. Your package will allow our highly experienced massage professionals to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension. During your experience, our goal is to eliminate strain, stress, and inflammation and induce relaxation. How does that sound to you?

Now that you know which spa to choose in your search for “massage packages near me Denver”, let’s take a closer look at the kinds of massage we offer. We have five blissful packages to choose from to give you the tailor-made experience you’re craving. If you don’t see something you’re looking for here, we are always happy to customize your experience as well.

Our top 5 spa packages for the ultimate pampering experience 


  1. Heavenly Flee (2 hours)- This package includes a one-hour massage, self-heating mud spinal pack, and knock ‘em dead facial and classic manicure.
  1. Simply Sunshine (3 hours)- This package includes a one-hour massage, an ethereal classic facial, and a classic pedicure.
  1. Blissful Touch (4 hours)- This package includes a classic Russian Banya, ethereal classic facial, classic manicure, and classic pedicure.
  1. Natural Radiance (5 hours)- This package includes a one-hour massage, classic facial, shellac manicure, and shellac pedicure.
  1. The Ethereal Escape (6 hours)- This package includes a luxury Russian Banya (includes body mask), extended youth facial, shellac manicure, and shellac pedicure.

What is a Russian Banya Massage you ask?

This is our signature treatment! Russian Banya Massage is an ancient massage therapy that combines massage, heat, detoxifying birch/oak leaves, and antiseptic benefits of honey therapeutically applied to your body to offer scientifically researched healing properties. Lather in the ultimate organic treatment! This is a great experience, solo or as a couple.

Top 5 benefits of getting a massage

  1. Eases muscle tension- A great massage works wonders on those stubborn knots and tight spots that we all inevitably get. By applying just the right amount of pressure, experienced massage therapists like ours help release tension, leaving your muscles feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Think of it as pressing the reset button on your body’s stress levels. This makes finding the best “massage packages near me Denver” so worth it!
  1. Boosts circulation- A massage doesn’t just feel good on the surface. It’s also doing a lot of work below the surface. It stimulates the flow of blood throughout the body, making sure that oxygen and nutrients are distributed more efficiently. Improved circulation can help heal your body and promote overall vitality. What a beautiful benefit.
  1. Reduces stress and anxiety- This is a big one! In our fast-paced world, moments of genuine relaxation are unfortunately rare and often a treasure. Massages offer an escape, a sanctuary of calm, a place to go to purely focus on loving yourself and your body and refilling your cup. A good massage can reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels, helping you to feel more centered and at peace.
  1. Enhances sleep quality- The relaxation that comes with an Ethereal Day Spa massage often extends well beyond the session itself. Many people find that after a massage, they enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep. It’s a natural way to help those who struggle with sleep find a deeper sense of relaxation, which can help with sleep disturbances.
  1. Supports immune function-  Believe it or not, regular massages might even give your immune system a gentle boost. By decreasing stress hormones and increasing white blood cells, massages can play a role in strengthening your body’s defenses against illnesses. What a great health benefit.

Ethereal Day Spa & Hair Studio is the best spa for “Massage Packages Near Me Denver”


At Ethereal Day Spa & Hair Studio, we set aside a long and luxurious moment of time to pamper you from head to toe, including your heart and soul. We assure you that you will walk out of our door, ready to take on the world, because you and your body deserve it. Our wonderful massage team pledges to provide a spa experience that exceeds your expectations, earns your loyalty and will encourage you to visit us for all your spa needs. Ethereal Day Spa is a balance of serenity and well-being, designed to enhance your life. Our spa packages also make an unforgettable gift for you and your loved ones. 

Our clients have amazing things to say about the services they have received and we were also named the “Best Day Spas in Denver” for 2022 by We have a track record of excellence when it comes to providing top-rated services for our clients and we wouldn’t accept anything less.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some of our 5-star reviews from happy clients!

“Absolutely amazing! Everyone was accommodating and friendly! I did a full spa day, and it was totally worth it! Katie at the front desk made everything easy and convenient. Danielle’s 90-minute facial was amazing. It checked so many boxes and is by far, the best facial I’ve ever had! Kerry’s massage was exactly what I love and what I needed; the perfect mix of deep and relaxing. Amy did an awesome job on my toes and fingers and made the whole process relaxing. Lunch from Panera was included and was perfectly timed in the midst of all my different services. This crew undoubtedly made my day. I already booked my next one! Thank you, ladies of Ethereal!” -Danessa

“I love Ethereal Day Spa!  Deena, a master tech is absolutely awesome!  She is extremely knowledgeable, & makes my fingers & toes beautiful! Everyone at Ethereal ( therapists- massage & facial ) is excellent.  Everyone is kind, professional & they make me feel special & pampered.” -Helen

Ethereal Day Spa is your trusted choice for “massage packages near me Denver”

Ethereal Day Spa is committed to providing you with a convenient retreat that is light, calm and soothing. A pleasant Day Spa in Denver, Colorado, with an environment dedicated to inner peace and rejuvenation. We aspire to be a personal oasis that will elevate your senses with a focus on relaxation, earn your loyalty, and encourage you to visit us for all your spa needs. Ethereal Day Spa, a balance of serenity and well-being designed to enhance your life. We’re only about 31 minutes from Denver International Airport (DIA). Book your appointment now: 720-200-4255 or book online.


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