Denver Sculptra Aesthetics

Denver Sculptra Aesthetics

Your search for Denver Sculptra Aesthetics has led you to the fountain of youth – or the next best thing!

Ethereal Day Spa & Hair Salon not only offers Sculptra injections, but we have one of the top RN Injectors in the nation. Our Advanced Aesthetic RN Susie Reese trained with world-renowned Sculptra expert Dr. Danny Velaghar and facial plastic surgeon Dr. Todd Andrew. Her advanced skill and experience have earned her the designation of a premier injector in Colorado from Sculptra Aesthetic®.

Susie consults with all clients to determine their goal. She explains the benefits and side effects of Sculptra to see if it’s right for them. Sculptra helps stimulate the skin’s natural production of collagen. A fibrous protein in the deep dermis, collagen gives structure to skin, supporting the protein that keeps skin’s shape and the acid that cushions and hydrates it. When collagen production increases, it slowly restores the skin’s inner structure and increases facial volume lost to aging.

Collagen production decreases as a person ages, with about 1 percent of collagen lost every year after age 20. That’s when wrinkles begin to form, not only because of aging, but also because of genetics, sun exposure, smoking and other factors.

Not every client is a good candidate for Sculptra. Susie will do the procedure – a one-time treatment of up to four injection sessions about four to six weeks apart – only if the client has a healthy immune system.

Denver Sculptra Aesthetics

No matter your age – or how much collagen you’ve lost in the aging process – Sculptra injections can give you a younger, healthier, more vibrant appearance. You’ve found the premier location for Denver Sculptra Aesthetics, so call Ethereal Day Spa & Hair Salon now to set up your consultation with Susie.Susie Reese Denver Sculptra Aesthetics

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