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Are you searching for Denver Massage online? If so, don’t settle for just a massage when you can have an ethereal experience! Our Ethereal Day Spa in Denver serves Greenwood Village and surrounding Denver area.

At Ethereal Day Spa & Hair Studio, our spa packages included hour-long massages with any combination of facials, body scrubs, manicures and pedicures, and self-heating mud packs.

Finding a Denver massage spa is important for your relaxation 

Just when was the last time you felt relaxed? According to a One Poll survey of 2000 people in 2022, half of respondents said they only felt relaxed for 38 minutes a day. And 47% said they felt relaxed for less than that amount of time. But startlingly, self-care activities to help people feel that relaxation hadn’t yet included self-pampering such as visiting a spa. In fact, the survey revealed that most Americans see exercising, listening to music, and going on a walk as significant portions of their self-care routine.

According to this article in, self-care is necessary every day, but many find self-care difficult. Somewhere along the way, spending time and money on ourselves was associated with being selfish, as we, as a matter of course, put others before ourselves. While some consider self-care as selfish, you can find joy in taking care of yourself, knowing that you are doing right by YOU for a change. By giving yourself relaxation time, you will reduce your stress and improve your health.

The level of pampering you can get from a Denver massage spa is enough to reduce your stress levels and help you relax, feel better, and live longer. According to this article in the Compounding Pharmacy of America, visiting a spa regularly can result in better sleep, fewer sick days, and a sense of well-being. 

The long history of public bathing and sanitation movements led to the development of health spas

In Medieval times, public bathing, which had been ubiquitous throughout Europe as places for healing, had morphed into dens of iniquity associated with the spread of diseases. The church and state shared equal concern for public bathing because they  “created an environment open to immorality and disease,” according to Wikipedia. But people continued to seek out hot springs and natural waters for healing purposes, which eventually helped improve public sentiment. By the 1600s, enough doctors had put their blessings on the healing powers of natural waters that the modern-day spa was born. By the 19th Century, a cholera epidemic in England resulted in what Wikipedia calls “a sanitation renaissance,” which eventually resulted in government statutes that increased public bath houses. In the 1700s in Colonial America, doctors began recommending hot springs for ailments, which spurred the construction of “health resorts” centered around the healing hot and cold springs. That stamp of approval from doctors and visitors alike spawned the modern-day health spa movement.

Modern-day spas heal through relaxation and pampering

Obviously more enlightened today, we know much more about how the body heals. Stress relief is a major factor in improving health, which is the main focal point of spas like Ethereal Day Spa, which not only offers Denver massage but a host of treatments to invigorate the senses, relax the body, and contribute to your sense of wellbeing.

The power of the atmosphere is just as important as the treatments. At Ethereal Day Spa, we work hard to ensure that your overall experience puts you at ease so you can relax and enjoy your treatment, half or full-day package. Our goal is that you leave our care feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. We are more than just a Denver massage center. We focus on all treatments to help you feel your best.

You may only have 2 hours to spare, but that’s time enough! Our 2-hour Heavenly Flee package consists of a massage with a self-heating mud spinal pack, Knock’em Dead facial and classic manicure. That’s plenty of pampering packed in a short time!

Perhaps you have 3, 4, 5 or even 6 hours to spare. Spend half or all of your day at Ethereal Day Spa and leave ready to conquer the world! With our Ethereal Escape (6 hours) and Natural Radiance (5 hours) packages, we’ll even serve you lunch and treat you to a manicure and pedicure. Now that’s relaxing!

Pampering Packages

Our signature package, the Ethereal Escape, includes a Russian Banya massage – an ancient therapy combining massage, heat, birch or oak leaves and honey therapeutically applied to your body. We combine it with a body mask, Extended Youth Elixir facial, Shellac manicure and pedicure and a meal for a heavenly experience. You’ll think you died and went to heaven!

The Natural Radiance package will have you glowing from head to toe with a 1-hour hour massage, Sea Glow Scrub, Classic Facial, Shellac manicure and pedicure, and – of course – lunch.

If you have only half of a day in which to spoil yourself, get a taste of summer with our Simply Sunshine (3 hours) package. A 1-hour massage, Ethereal Classic Facial and Classic Pedicure will have you glowing!

Besides our luxurious packages, we offer a number of massages for those who are just in need of a little fine tuning or to relieve stress. Besides the Russian Banya Body Therapy, we also offer Swedish, deep tissue, sports, pre/postnatal and hot stone massage. Reflexology is available with any massage, as well.

Better yet, make your special day one that is just as relaxing for him. Ethereal offers your man skin care, massage, and pedicures to give him a well-deserved day of pampering. This way, you both can live in the lap of luxury as a special treat to each other. You also can make your trip a couple’s excursion with our Russian banya therapy.

Denver Massage

Need a massage near Denver? We’re located on the south end of Denver in Greenwood Village. We’re inside Club Greenwood at the corner of South Quebec and Orchard Road in Greenwood Village. Come to south Denver, for a true ethereal experience or a healing, relaxing massage, call (720) 200-4255 or email to book your appointment. For a comprehensive list of our Ethereal Packages or massages, visit


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