Denver Day Spa and Hair Salon

Denver Day Spa and Hair Salon

You may be searching for a Denver Day Spa and Hair Salon to provide much-desired TLC in the form of a massage or facial. Or maybe you’re searching for both. Or you may just need a haircut and style. Or a manicure to keep up your day-to-day appearances.

Whatever the reason you’re seeking a Denver Day Spa and Hair Salon, Ethereal Day Spa and Hair Salon in Greenwood Village has you covered!

Denver Day Spa and Hair Salon Services

Because we offer a full range of pampering services, you won’t need to seek out other spas or salons for individual services. At Ethereal you’ll find:

  • Facials – Choose from a variety of facials. Including: more simple pick-me-ups for your skin, anti-aging treatments, and deep cleanse, exfoliating and rejuvenating facials. Ethereal has individual facials and packages in a wide range of prices to pamper and nourish your skin.
  • Everlasting Brows microblading technique – Put an end to painful plucking and waxing! Get a more permanent fix (up to 18 months) that will fill in and shape thin and/or wildly shaped eyebrows.
  • Revolutionary Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions – Eliminate the struggle with fake eyelashes and get longer, thicker, more natural-looking eyelashes. We have a certified Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions Stylist on staff! You’ll only need touchups every two to four weeks to keep your lashes long and lush.
  • Everything from cuts to color and highlights to deep conditioning to pamper and style your tresses, delivered by our salon experts. We welcome only the best stylists to our team!
  • Advanced aesthetic services – If you’re seeking more permanent but natural-looking changes to your appearance, Ethereal has the answer. Our advanced aesthetic RN Susie Reese, BSN, has the training and experience you need, delivering it all with a gentle touch.
  • Manis & Pedis – Treat your finger and toe nails to a classic manicure/pedicure, or enjoy more long-term wear and color with a mirror finish by choosing Shellac. We also offer a paraffin treatment that will leave your hands soft and supple!
  • Services for men – We don’t leave the guys out of the pampering! We offer massages, facials, haircuts and pedicures that will help them relax but still feel manly.

Denver Day Spa and Hair Salon

If it’s a Denver Day Spa and Hair Salon you need, you’ve found the best in Ethereal Day Spa and Hair Salon. Find us inside Club Greenwood at the corner of South Quebec and Orchard Road. Call 720-200-4255 or email for an appointment.Ethereal Day Spa Denver


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