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When you move to a new city, some of those first steps include finding a grocery store, a coffee shop, a dry cleaner, a new doctor, and a barber. But why go to a Denver barber shop if you can buzz your hair and shave your face yourself? Sure, the simple, day-to-day shaving you can do yourself, but for anything more involved, you’ll want to go to a barber. At Ethereal Day Spa, our experienced barber will give you the haircut and shave you want.

Top 4 Reasons to Try Our Denver Barber Shop

  1. See a professional. From a high and tight haircut to beard grooming, men’s haircare isn’t always simple. Don’t let just anyone style your hair. If you want a specific haircut, like a crew cut and high fade, you’ll need an experienced barber. Let our professional at Ethereal Day Spa give you the exact cut you’re looking for. Need a new haircut but not sure which one? Our barber will help you find the right cut for your face shape and lifestyle.
  2. Save time. You might not think that going to a barber would save you time when you can trim your beard or touch up your hair yourself. However, one mistake will leave you unhappy for the rest of the week. Don’t waste your time trimming your beard only to get increasingly frustrated. Go to a Denver barber shop and get it done right the first time.
  3. Take a well-deserved break. You work hard. Take some time out of your busy schedule to give yourself a well-deserved break. At Ethereal Day Spa, we create a comfortable environment for our clients where they can relax. After a tough workout, you deserve a clean shave and a neck and arm massage.
  4. Look put together. At work, you want to look polished and professional. It never hurts to look put together outside of work, either. Beards, in particular, are difficult to keep groomed and professional. Don’t spend your mornings frustrated in front of the bathroom mirror trying to trim your beard. Instead, come to our Denver barber shop at Ethereal Day Spa. We offer beard trimming, face and neck shaves, and haircuts to have you looking your best.

Whether you want a fresh look or need help keeping your beard looking professional, visit our Denver barber shop. Ethereal Day Spa is conveniently located inside Club Greenwood. Stop by after work or after hitting the gym and take a well-deserved break. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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