Couples Massages Near Me

Considering couples massage but just don’t know what to expect? Search Couples Massages Near Me and you’ll find Ethereal Day Spa in Greenwood Village. Here, we love introducing the benefits of couples massage in a relaxing setting. Check out our website and book an appointment online. We are a full service couples day spa. 

So you’re at a loss for what to do next with your partner? You’ve gone out to several romantic dinners and you’ve done movies to death. Why not try something new? There’s no need to feel nervous about couples’ massages, if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s new. It’s intimate and it’s discreet..

Just what is a couple’s massage and how can it help?

Couples massages are essentially a shared experience. Both of you have your own massage therapist, you lay on your own table  but experience the moments together in the same private room. They can be romantic, but it doesn’t have to be about romantic partners. Couples massage also can mean you and a friend have a massage together and catch up. Just let go and unwind together, whomever you bring. The benefits of a couple’s massage are many. Not only do you unwind, but you and your partner/friend, get the benefit of reduced stress from the release of the toxins in your muscles.

Search Couples Massages Near Me to get started on your relaxation journey

At Ethereal Day Spa in Greenwood Village, we offer a unique treatment for a paired massage. It is our signature Russian Banya body Therapy Massage. This treatment is a therapy package in itself based on the bathing ritual of the Russian Banya (sauna). It combines massage, heat, birch or oak leaves and honey applied to the body for the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief. We also offer Swedish, deep tissue, sports and pre/post natal massages.

As a couple, you also can have separate services at Ethereal Day Spa in Greenwood Village. Women and men can treat themselves to a variety of treatments together for a great prelude to a night on the town. For women, that could include mani-pedis, lash lifts, foot massage and facials, to name a few. We have special spa packages just for him, too. Go ahead. It’s time to experience a little luxury in your life!