Ashiatsu Massage Greenwood Village

Ashiatsu Massage Greenwood Village

The past year has been hard on everyone. Don’t let the weight of the world keep you tight and stressed. Instead, try ashiatsu massage in Greenwood Village. This specialized massage might be just what your stiff muscles and aching back need. Ethereal Day Spa in Greenwood Village just south of Denver offers ashiatsu massage as well as other traditional and luxurious massages. Learn more about this unique relaxation experience below.

What is an Ashiatsu Massage?

Derived from the Japanese words for foot and pressure, your ashiatsu massage therapist uses their feet instead of their hands. This type of barefoot massage is great for working on those large muscles and requires specialized training. Your massage therapist will utilize a set of poles mounted to the ceiling to deliver just the right amount of pressure.

In fact, barefoot ashiatsu massage delivers less pressure than you’d feel from an elbow in a traditional massage. Overall, it’s a different sensation from the smaller hands and elbows used in other massages. This makes it a great option for those who need deep-tissue relief but are sensitive and sore after traditional massages.

At Ethereal Day Spa, we also offer a traditional Swedish deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, and our signature Russian Banya massage. Whether you have a specific problem spot you need massaged or are looking for a relaxing full-body experience, we have a massage that’s right for you.

Who Should Try a Barefoot Ashiatsu Massage?

Because ashiatsu massage delivers less pressure than other types of massage, it is a great option for many different people. If you notice that a traditional massage just doesn’t get deep enough, give ashiatsu massage a try! It can deliver the perfect combination of stretching, compression, and pressure to relieve tight muscles. We also find that this type of massage is great for relieving pain in large muscles.

While we love ashiatsu massage and think you will, too, it’s not for everyone. If you’ve been injured or had surgery lately, ashiatsu massage might not be right for you. Don’t worry. When you call to schedule an appointment, we’ll talk you through the process and make sure that an ashiatsu massage is the best option for you. If it’s not, we have several other massages that could work for you.

Are you ready to stop feeling tense and sore and start relaxing? Book an ashiatsu massage in Greenwood Village today at Ethereal Day Spa. We hope our relaxing spa can become your own private oasis. While you’re here, check out our hair studio or learn more about our injectable offerings by our on-site registered nurse. Contact us now to begin your journey to ultimate relaxation.


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